is a dabbler in the dark arts of geekery but despite this still has impeccable table manners. He enjoys many different types of music and film, especially those that seem to bore or confuse his wife and children.

He is a professional Northerner and enjoys a pie'n'pint but has been known to partake of wine and fine dining, though for reasons he still cannot explain dislikes seafood intensely.

I tend to fiddle around on the web a lot, so if you want to get in touch choose whichever way works best for you.


    Sometimes I try to comment on the objects, thoughts and sounds that I find around the web. The results are to be found here.


    I also take photos. Not as often as I want to or should. If I think they are any good then I tend to post them here and await the avalanche of critical acclaim I know is just around the corner.